Coffee Connections

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Who Are They?

Coffee Connections was founded in 2014 by Sharon and Nate Grenier. They began as a single coffee cart and have rapidly grown to two full-service locations in the Columbus area.

What Do They Do?

Coffee Connections offers a varied menu of delicious coffees, teas and pastries. Their coffees are brewed from freshly-roasted beans which are sourced from all over the world.

(Pro tip: everyone says their coffee is fresh-roasted: Coffee Connections really means it. Most of what you buy at Starbucks or McDonalds or your grocery store shelves was roasted months ago; in contrast, Coffee Connections is brewing with blends that are mere days or even hours old. The difference is a world of rich flavor that will make your favorite national coffee brand taste like reheated gas station brew in comparison.)

More than coffee, they pride themselves on delicious coffee and fostering meaningful, community relationships.

Their Challenges

Typical of many of our clients, Sharon understood the benefits of WordPress (ownership and versatility) but often felt frustrated and overwhelmed with their inflexible, paint-by-the-numbers theme, mediocre plugins and hands-off host.

Prior to working with Webster Park, their website suffered a costly and time-consuming hack in which months of content were irreversibly lost.

Business was booming and they wanted to focus on the critical launch of new storefronts: they simply didn’t have time to devote to managing technical decisions relating to their website.

Our Work Together

We worked with Coffee Connections to rebuild their website and take over the hosting. We discussed their goals and outlined a game plan which would support their customer acquisition and retention strategies.

These improvements enabled them to retake control of their content, make rapid updates to their menu and event calendar and to do away with the burden of maintenance so often associated with WordPress.

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