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Who Are They? was founded in 2013 and is based in Houston, TX.

What Do They Do? sells automotive connectors -- a.k.a. "pigtails" -- to thousands of customers across North America.

A pigtail is a connector used throughout your car‘s increasingly sophisticated electrical systems to link everything together.

When disaster strikes your automobile — whether an accident or severe weather, to name just two examples — the affected pigtails must be replaced to restore everything to working order.

The challenge facing so many body shops and collision repair centers is that there are hundreds of different pigtails spanning thousands of different models. What’s more, acquiring stocks of these crucial components is extremely expensive. Inventory needs are difficult to predict; parts are sourced from all over the world; in many cases, OEM schematics are difficult to come by.

This is where steps in.

Their Challenges

When we were introduced, already had a proven product-market fit and a terrific offline sales strategy. President Eric Palazzolo had little difficulty in demonstrating value to and winning the business relationships of large, national insurers and collision repair centers franchises.

Prior to their work with us, what they lacked was a online presence capable of supporting their offline expertise.

Virtually all sales activity flowed through their website, but their staff spent untold hours working around numerous bugs. Making basic content updates was difficult; checkouts frequently hung, resulting in high abandonment. Finally, they were fearful to invest in PPC and SEO initiatives which would drive qualified leads to a dysfunctional website, at risk of tarnishing their brand. endured lost time, money and opportunity throughout two badly failed provider relationships over a period of several years. Meanwhile, competitors had taken notice of the opportunity and were rising up to answer the bell.

Our Work Together

Our first priority was to rebuild their entire website, empowering FindPigtails to retake control. We quickly jettisoned JooCart and rebuilt their website using WordPress and WooCommerce and introduced extensive customization to accommodate their unique product catalog. This made it easy for employees to manage, for us to provide complex support and for their customers to locate the parts they need. It also made it possible for Google to index their catalog and drive thousands of organic visits every month. had invested hundreds of hours over a period of several years constructing their product catalog in JooCart, so we wrote a script to piece everything together and convert it.

Next, we began working closely with Eric to automate numerous customer lifecycle touchpoints. We built a variety of e-commerce campaigns in Drip and connected them to WooCommerce, including welcome, abandoned cart, post-purchase follow up and reactivation sequences. These emails paid dividends immediately, surfacing a litany of helpful customer feeeback.

Most recently, we introduced a Google Product feed which continues to generate 7x ROAS with incredibly low CPC.

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