Harbor Yoga Studio

Their website: https://harboryogastudio.com/

Who Are They?

Harbor Yoga was founded by Angie O'Brien and Heidi Bell in Dublin, Ohio.

They employ more than 20 instructors and enjoy the devoted support of hundreds of women and men, many of whom are regulars.

What Do They Do?

Harbor has created a distinctive brand of yoga which combines heat, upbeat music and an emphasis upon power poses and flow.

Their Challenges

Prior to working with us, Heidi and Angie had already achieved an enviable position such that they they did not rely upon their website to attract new clients. They continue to generate new clients primarily from strong word-of-mouth referral from an overwhelmingly loyal fanbase.

Their primary goal was simply to modernize their website and bring it into alignment with their offline brand, as well as to simplify the process of periodic content updates (e.g. events, class descriptions and staff changeover.)

Our Work Together

We rebuilt the Harbor Yoga website and brought it into our fully-managed WordPress hosting platform. We worked closely with Angie, Heidi and their studio manager to rewrite key promotional copy and restructure important content to make it easier for prospective clients to find.

Finally, we reshot their staff and studio photography and introduced them to a local agency who produced a promotional video short, which is now front and center on the home page.

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