Lost and Found Vintage Rentals

Their website: https://lostandfoundvintagerentals.com/

Who Are They?

Lost and Found Vintage Rentals was founded in Dayton, Ohio by Jennifer Stanley.

What Do They Do?

Lost and Found rents an extensive variety of vintage furniture and props for weddings, events and photography shoots. They also rent studio space to professional photographers.

Their Challenges

Like many of our clients, Jennifer was a skilled entrepreneur; Lost and Found already enjoyed great success and a proven demand for her services. Her previous website, built on Squarespace, featured a great design and strong brand identity.

However, while Squarespace made it easy to create a beautiful website and offered rudimentary e-commerce capabilities, it simply lacked the nuance to execute Jennifer's desired user experience.

Rather than placing rental orders online through an intuitive cart, customers were forced to copy and paste desired product SKUs into an email. The process was tedious and error-prone, both for Jennifer's team and for the customer.

Our Work Together

We rebuilt Jennifer's site, for the most part re-using her existing aesthetic and layout but substituting Squarespace with WordPress and WooCommerce.

As a rental business, Jennifer posed several requirements atypical of a standard e-commerce workflow.

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