Process (How We Do It)

A Truly Collaborative Approach

We’re a small, boutique firm, which is a fancy way of saying that we do our best work when we get to know you and become personally invested in your success.

We like to think of ourselves as partners in your pursuit. For us, doing everything we can to help you win is a source of warm fuzzies; not to mention, good karma besides.

Step 1: Discovery

Whether you know exactly what you want or have no idea where to begin, we’ll work with you to assess what’s already working and what could be better.

We’ll draw upon our experience with other businesses to make recommendations.

Step 2: Agreement to Terms, Backed by Our Unique Guarantee

Once we’ve identified our next steps, we’ll send you an agreement for you to review and sign. We’ll ask you to pay half of your anticipated total up front.

We like to establish tight timelines — as projects drag on, we’ll both lose momentum. This is why we ask you to provide us with your assets — e.g. images, copy — by a specific date and then promise to turnaround our end shortly thereafter.

So long as you’re able to provide us with the agreed-upon deliverables at the agreed-upon time, we guarantee our work or it’s free.

Step 3: Delivery of Your Draft


Step 4: Delivery of Your Final Copy


Step 5: After Launch


Development modus operandi

A few words about our guiding principles in the development of each and every website we build.

WordPress, Done Right

We make no secret of the fact that we love WordPress.

We build websites which provide you with all of the power, extensibility and versatility of WordPress, with none of the hassle that is sometimes associated with the platform.

Standards-Compliant, and Why It Matters

We’ll write custom code when necessary, but as much as possible, we use open-source, standards-compliant, marketplace-leading themes and plugins.

We do this because we don’t want to waste your time or ours reinventing wheels, or to make you beholden to us with brittle, proprietary code.

Sure, we could bill you for a written-from-scratch theme or shave a few bucks off of our expenses in buying a bargain-basement plugin, but we refuse to create technical debt for you.

We hope to make you a customer for life, but it’s important to us that you can take what we’ve built with you and either maintain it yourself or easily obtain help from someone else.

The Bottom Line: Is It Easy-to-Use and Effective?

We try to make every decision in light of these two guiding principles:

Is it ridiculously easy for you — and your clients — to do what you came to do? Whether that’s update a gallery, rework a page, purchase a product or connect with you?

Will it accomplish your goals and improve your bottom line, to the maximum extent possible? Is this website tangibly making your professional life and yes, your personal life, better?

If the answer is no, we don’t settle; we work to find an answer which is ridiculously easy-to-use and maximally effective.