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We're search engine optimization for business owners who want to drive highly qualified leads without having to spend a fortune in PPC ads

Why us? Here's why

Pleasing the gods of Google doesn't require slathering your blog posts with spammy looking tag clouds. We'll help you to identify and rank for the keywords that will make the greatest impact to your bottom line, with the least effort.

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Keyword Research

Many businesses enjoy dozens of powerful, profitable keyword opportunities that they're simply unaware of.

We'll work with you to identify a full range of both high- and low-volume keywords which are likely to attract customers searching for your products and services.

Keyword Rank Tracking

You'll receive a weekly report which demonstrates your progress along the full range of selected keywords.

This report also identifies potential issues; many of them low-hanging fruit which, once you're aware, are easily correctable.

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Competitor Monitoring

Monitor up to three of your closest competitors for their rankings over the same range of keywords, week over week.

Onsite Optimization

Onsite optimizations are much more than plugging keywords into the right spaces; it's about ensuring that your website is producing HTML than Google can easily and correctly index. We'll put on our best geek hat and get you fully optimized.

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